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Leadshine PS806-12 Linear Power Supply;68 VDC/6A continuous; 12 VDC / 1A Auxiliary; 180-250 VAC Input

PS806-12 : Leadshine PS806-12 Linear Power Supply;68 VDC/6A continuous; 12 VDC / 1A Auxiliary; 180-250 VAC Input
by Leadshine Technology, Inc. (write an review)
  • Specially designed to power servo and stepper systems
  • Simple structure high reliability
  • Output voltage of 68 VDC
  • 6A continuous output current
  • one auxiliary output of 12VDC / 1A
  • 500W rated power
  • Input voltage of 180-250 VAC.
  • Short circuit and over-voltage protection
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Leadshine PS806-12 unregulated linear power supply was specifically designed to power stepper and servo systems. It can take 180 - 250 VAC input and output 500W rated power at continuous power at 68VDC / 6A to power stepper or servo drive(s). It also comes one auxiliary output of 12VDC / 1A which can be used to power other electronic components such as external I/O devices.

In many stepper and servo systems, stepper/servo drive output current changes extremely fast and regular regulated due to frequent acceleration and deceleration. While accelerating, those connected stepper/servo drive(s) draw a lot current from a power supply. While decelerating, the powered servo / stepper motors generated current charge back due to back EMF.

Normal regulated power supplies, like regulated switching power supplies designed for consumer products, can't handle the above special requirements in servo / stepper systems. With very simple design and bulky capacitor, PS806-12 is very reliable and can respond very quickly to current requirement and handle back EMF charge back. It is also more reliable in resistance to interference caused by other electronic components.
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