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Leadshine SPS407 Ultra Compact 42 VDC / 7A Unregulated Switching Power Supply with 180-250 VAC Input

SPS407 : Leadshine SPS407 Ultra Compact 42 VDC / 7A Unregulated Switching Power Supply with 180-250 VAC Input
by Leadshine Technology, Inc. (write an review)
  • Specifically designed for motion control systems
  • Ultra compact size and light weight
  • 180 -250 VAC Input voltage
  • 42 VDC output (at 220 VAC input)
  • 7A continuous output current (at 220 VAC input)
  • Short circuit and over-voltage protection
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Leadshine SPS407 is a unregulated switching power supply specially designed for powering stepper & servo drives in motion control applications, which have limited installation space and require light weight. At ultra compact size, it can take 180-250 VAC input and output up to 300W power.  At 220 VAC input, its output voltage is 42 VDC and can supply 7A continuous current and 9A peak. It can response very quick to the current change requirements.

SPS407 is capable of taking back EMF from stepper & servo motors. When adopted in your stepper/servo systems, SPS407  can provide the power you need and ensure that you won't get your stepper/servo drive damaged because of high back EMF charged back during movement de-acceleration.
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